Survey says . . .

Alo Konsen, of Brain Shavings, brought attention to a survey that charts where a person is positioned along the political spectrum.  You can find and take the survey yourselves here, at The Political Compass.

Alo Konsen sent an email to members of the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance (a blogroll of which is found in my left-hand sidebar) inviting the members to take the survey themselves and share the results.

I took the survey, and my chart appears below.


This result was surprising to me, since I thought I’d be plotted much farther to the right along the x-axis. But then, if that were the case, I suppose I wouldn’t be called a RINO, would I? But, such being the case, I suppose my intro in my right-hand sidebar is quite apt (thus, so is this entry from Pho’s Akron Pages from about the time my blog was launched).

However, let me just say that I will NOT be following in the footsteps of Arlen Specter, and I have NO plans to switch parties.

Buckeye RINO in exile

For those of you who’ve been wondering when I’d be posting some more content, there’ve been big changes lately in the life of yours truly, Daniel Jack Williamson.

The biggest change is that I’ve moved from Ohio to the state of Washington during this past month.  What am I doing here?  I am house-sitting for one of my sisters and her husband for approximately two years while they are away from home.

My sister and her husband are away from home because they’ve volunteered to be missionaries in Illinois for their church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also commonly referred to as the Mormon church.  They looked frantically for someone to rent their home to during their absence, but their home is in a rural area of western Washington located about half way between the southern tip of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier, so it’s not the most convenient location for potential renters who need to commute to work.

Finding no renters, my sister and her husband appealed to family members on both sides of the family so they could have someone occupy the home while they were away.  Everyone else in both families had firmly rooted themselves in place with employment and/or college studies and/or spouse and/or children.  Since I’m divorced with no dependents and also since I wasn’t financially self-sustaining in Ohio, I’m the one who was available to help out my sister and her husband by house-sitting for them.  I owed my sister a big favor, anyway.  Back in the summer of 1992 I suffered a fracture of my right arm which left me unable to use it for 12 weeks (the break was in a bad location relative to nerves and tendons), so I wasn’t able to be employed during my rehab.  Not being financially independent at that point, my sister took me in during the remainder of summer and into the fall of 1992 (so this is not my first experience living in Washington . . . 1992 was) until I was recuperated and able to return to Ohio and work (with a brief stint of living and working in West Virginia in early 1993, but, other than that, I remained in Ohio thereafter until 2005 when I departed for a year of teaching English in South Korea).

The economy appears to be stronger in Washington than it is in Ohio, so perhaps I’ll be able to improve my financial circumstances while I’m here.  I’ll be slated to return to Ohio in early 2011 unless I find something permanent to latch on to here.

The move to Washington was rather abrupt, as I thought my sister was going to find renters for her home, so I didn’t anticipate a hiatus at all for my blogging at Buckeye RINO, but that’s not how things turned out.

While I become familiar with my new surroundings and endeavor to improve my financial situation, I don’t think that my blogging will be as frequent as it used to.  Obviously, being located farther away, I won’t have access to as many political sources on the ground in Ohio, and I won’t be as capable of gauging the political pulse of Ohio.  While I still intend to write about topics of relevance to Ohio politics, readers will notice a shift away from eyewitness accounts of political activities (though I still have to write about Lorain County GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner that I attended on March 21st) and toward more “position paper” type entries where I elaborate on and advocate for my views of the issues.

With the change in residence, am I no longer an Ohio political blogger?  Should I be dropped from the membership roster of the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance (other blog members of the S.O.B. alliance appear in my left-hand sidebar)?  Should I cease and desist from further editing of the Carnival of Ohio Politics?  As for the blog name of Buckeye RINO, I’m still a Buckeye by virtue of my birth in Sandusky and by virtue of my degree from The Ohio State University.  I’ve earned the “Buckeye” appellation, and no one can take that away from me.  At any rate, I’m interested in hearing the thoughts of my readers about whether or not I can be considered an Ohio blogger.  Feel free to comment here or send me an email (address shown on my “About” page) with your thoughts on the matter.

Feel free to access the blogs in my left-hand sidebar to compensate for my lack of “being there.”

New Carnival courtesy of GCJ’s Lisa Renee

The blog author of Glass City Jungle, Lisa Renee Ward, has produced another fine edition of the Carnival of Ohio Politics.  Check out installment number 163 here.  Along with links to some excellent reading material contained in Ohio’s political blogs, Lisa Renee also uses free word association to choose links to some “blast-from-the-past” musical selections.

Keeler takes a victory lap at Carnival of Ohio Politics

I have heard from several of my readers, via email, wondering when posting entries would resume here at Buckeye RINO.  I didn’t intend to be on hiatus, or at least, didn’t intend to be away for this long.  Sometimes real life gets in the way (and I’ll have more to say about that in a later blog entry).

In the meantime, in the absence of new posts, my readers are more than welcome to click on the links in the sidebar to the left.  Not sure where to start with all those links?  Well, Carnival of Ohio Politics is always a good starting point, because you’ll find a cross-section of recent blog entries about Ohio politics there.  Since the last time I wrote something here at Buckeye RINO, there have been three Carnivals, complete with links to articles about Ohio Politics.  There’s Carnival #160 edited by Jill at Writes Like She Talks.  There’s Carnival #161 edited by McKee at The Boring Made Dull.  And most recently, there’s Carnival #162 (featuring a road sign for a state route I’ve frequently driven on), edited by Ben Keeler of Keeler Political Report.  This newest Carnival is a milestone, as it’s Ben’s farewell, so I’ve referred to it as his victory lap.  I thank Ben for his service in editing Carnivals.  I appreciate his work.  Take care, and good luck, Ben.