Guest blog: David Arredondo says, “I voted this morning!”

Editor’s note:  It’s hard to believe, but the early voting period for Ohio’s primary elections has already begun.  Ohio’s Republicans need to look at election “day” in a whole new light.  My thanks to David Arredondo, a Lorain resident and Vice Chair of the Lorain County Republican Party, for offering this insight.

“I voted this morning.”

Yesterday was the first day for Early, and Absentee Voting. Today I went to the LoCo BOE and voted. Took 5 minutes or less; no lines. Only me.

Republicans need to change the culture of how we vote; no longer do we use election day as the target and ask voters to support us then; we need to seal the deal now and ask our supporters to VOTE NOW, VOTE TODAY.

Given the current climate that has most Independents and Republicans agittated, we need to push them into action now by casting their primary ballot for the Republican ticket. Republicans are motivated now more than ever, push them into action NOW.

If your kids are away at college, remind them to go to the BOE web site and complete an absentee form to mail in for a primary ballot.

For those whose parents or loved ones are incapacitated, take the responsibility to take them an absentee ballot request. Leave no eligible Republican voter behind.

Please vote Early or Absentee and send me a note that you have.