Buckeye RINO launches

Here are the roots of Buckeye RINO. I started posting online political comments back in 2002 in the Conversation Forums at LorainCounty.com.  Nowadays, I don’t post comments there.  I mostly check the site to look through the community calendar. In 2006, I began posting comments at Word of Mouth, and then quickly fanned out to the rest of the Ohio political blogosphere, leaving comments when and where I wished. In 2007, I contributed blog entries to Word of Mouth and Right Angle Blog, which is now Naugblog.  I no longer write for those blogs, but still feel a strong kinship with them. By the end of 2007, I found a desire to blog about more than just politics, so I launched my own personal blog at DJWPP (Daniel Jack Williamson Personal Page now defunct). The DJWPP has its limitations, since it is part of the Yahoo! community.  Two specific limitations at the DJWPP are that it doesn’t attract a readership of Ohio political junkies, and that, even if it did attract such a readership, readers would only be able to leave comments if they, also, had a Yahoo! 360 page.  With much of the DJWPP readership residing overseas, writing commentary on Ohio politics would require a lot of explanatory notes to fill in the blanks that foreigners would have little knowledge of.  I thought it would be nice to write political commentary without having to explain everything from the beginning, so DJWPP couldn’t be the vehicle for that. So I decided to use a WordPress platform to launch a blog that will allow me to voice my political perspectives and allow readers to respond more freely.  You have my permission to add “www.buckeyerino.com” to your bookmarks so that you can keep pace with the fascinating commentary of Daniel Jack Williamson.