Betty Sutton mixing it up with the WoMbats

Word of Mouth contributor Bruce Batista had these unflattering things to say about Sutton’s efforts in Congress to address the worsening oil crisis.  The staff of Betty Sutton, who represents Ohio’s 13th Congressional District in our nation’s capitol, sent this response.  I think the response falls flat, and I expressed my reasons for saying so over on WoM.

2 Responses to “Betty Sutton mixing it up with the WoMbats”

  1. HOPE ON Part 2: Obama’s reluctance to drill « Buckeye RINO Says:

    […] Representative Betty Sutton with her challenger Dave Potter on energy and the economy.  Betty Sutton’s efforts on the energy front have been LAME!  Dave Potter takes an all-of-the-above approach and he took a principled stand against the […]

  2. Dave Potter for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District « Buckeye RINO Says:

    […] on the 29th of April, I noted that Betty Sutton had sent a message to Word of Mouth blog to inform them of her record on […]

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