Fox News: equal opportunity annoyer

Not to be outdone by the Obama interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News, Hillary Clinton sat down with Bill O’Reilly for an interview that’s being aired on prime time.  Liberal pundits have to be furious that the two remaining Democrat candidates are appearing on Fox News despite the pundits’ cries that doing so would legitimize Fox News.

I guess Fox News is legit.  Sorry about your luck, MoveOn.

Guess who else is fuming about Hillary appearing on O’Reilly?  Dennis Miller.  Dick Morris.  Essentially, there are some Republican-leaning pundits who are upset that Hillary Clinton is helping her nomination chances by appearing on Fox News.

Maybe Fox News is fair and balanced after all, because liberals aren’t the only ones who are displeased.

One Response to “Fox News: equal opportunity annoyer”

  1. Ben Keeler Says:

    Took damn long enough for her to be on it. I guess the political calculation changed.

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