In Barrett’s wake: Heydinger makes sense

The Morning Journal reports that ODP Chair Chris Redfern has tossed two more names into the mix among potential Democrat replacements for Matt Barrett as state representative for the House 58th District.  I’ve weighed in with my assessment of the three names already bandied about.  Redfern also says “All Democratic elected officials will be possibilities.”  I still think GOP candidate and former Huron County Commissioner Terry Boose wins in November.

Of current officeholders, Redfern put forward the name of Huron County Commissioner Mike Adelman.  Like Huron County Auditor Roland Tkach, Adelman was elected during the Democrat high tide of 2006.  If I were Adelman, I would think retaining the Commissioner position would be more appealing than the state rep job that might last only until January considering the long odds the Dems have of retaining the seat.  I previously noted the same about Tkach, who was reported in yesterday’s Morning Journal as not being interested in the state rep job.  As reported in the Norwalk Reflector, Mike Adelman said, “At this point in time, I don’t recall expressing any interest in the position.”

If Redfern is hoping for a current officeholder, I think perhaps he should be looking at village mayors, municipal council members, school board members, and township trustees.  For those officeholders, the state rep job, even if just until January, would heighten name recognition for those aspiring to jump to a full-time political career.  Nevertheless, the Norwalk Reflector also reports that Norwalk City Councilpersons Dwight Tkach and Chris Mushett are not interested in the job, as well as confirming that Norwalk Mayor Sue Lesch is not interested, either.

Meanwhile, former officeholders make more sense as possible replacements to Barrett.  They enjoy name recognition, and they don’t have to vacate a secure position like current officeholders must do if accepting the state rep job.

Along that vein, the second name that Redfern put forward was that of former Huron County juvenile court judge Thomas Heydinger.  Not only does Heydinger possess name recognition, but he also lacks a legislative record, allowing him to define himself whichever way he chooses in the campaign for November.  Heydinger is 67, and both the Reflector and the Morning Journal report that Heydinger hasn’t committed to coming out of retirement.  He’d certainly have a lot more hustle in his schedule than he currently does, and he acknowledges it would require a significant adjustment.  He certainly seems to be entertaining the notion, though.

4 Responses to “In Barrett’s wake: Heydinger makes sense”

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  3. Joe Clevis Says:

    I’ve heard Heydinger didn’t run a very good court. Does anyone else have an opinion?

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