Creep=Marc Dann

Everyone else is taking the fall for Marc Dann except Marc Dann. Get this Youngstown mafia-backed goon out of the Ohio Attorney General’s office NOW!

I am so sick of his excesses. So sick of his total lack of ethics. So sick of the pack of wolves he runs with. So sick of the total lack of regard for not only the state of Ohio, but his own employees, ESPECIALLY his female employees.

He’s admitted to an affair with an employee. He won’t say which employee. His scheduler, Jessica Utovich, the rumored paramour, however, has resigned without stating a reason.

What does it do to a work environment when certain people have access to the boss because they have SEX with him? Isn’t that WRONG, WRONG, WRONG?

Not only shouldn’t he be Ohio Attorney General, he shouldn’t even be in a position to ever hire anybody nor should he ever be in a position to supervise anybody. He only understands how to abuse his power and authority. He has no concept of professionalism. If you were a female, how would you feel if Dann were your co-worker? You’d either feel resentful because he was always hitting on you, or, if you weren’t his target, you’d feel resentful that other women were giving in to his sexual harassment to gain workplace privileges that you won’t get access to.

Everyone in the MSM and everyone in the blogosphere, you have free rein to call Marc Dann any disparaging name you choose. After all, he’s in no position to file a defamation suit against anyone. He’s already defamed himself.

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