Kicking and screaming (I’m back)

I love to travel.  Right after I announced that this blog would be on hiatus (brief?  OK, that turned out to be a lie), I traipsed through ten states of the USA plus a province and a territory of Canada.  I enjoyed my vacation.  I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to continue the escapism, hence the hiatus of the Buckeye RINO blog was extended so much longer than I had originally intended.

I certainly wasn’t happy about political developments prior to the hiatus.  The Marc Dann scandal, in particular, had me all bent out of shape.  Though Dann was replaced in the Ohio AG office in short order,  there was a lingering distaste that made me think about ignoring politics.

Being the person I am, though, I really can’t ignore politics.  All I could really do was procrastinate resuming my blog about politics.  In that sense, I felt like Jonah, of the Old Testament, who tried to dodge his responsibility to warn Ninevah.  He had to face up to his duty eventually, and I’ve had to extricate myself from the whale I’d been swallowed up in and sound the clarion call at Buckeye RINO.

So many new political developments have occurred during my absence that I found it daunting (overwhelming is probably the more appropriate term) to update my blog.  So perhaps I won’t try to update everything.  Perhaps, to make the task less daunting, I’ll just begin with where things stand right now and write as though someone pinch-hit for me during my absence, keeping everyone up to date.

So, I’ve dragged myself back to the computer keyboard (kicking and screaming the whole way) to resume my ramblings at this blog.  Sorry for the delays.  Thanks for your patience.

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