Ohio GOP rank-and-file welcome Palin

The Obama camp’s attempts to rip apart John McCain’s VP pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, during the first few hours since McCain’s announcement, have been awkward, to say the least.  I think Obama should call a time-out for all of his surrogates, have a huddle, and decide on a coherent message that doesn’t involve embarrassing themselves.  I feel embarrassed for the Obama campaign.

I have long thought that the way for McCain to win Ohio was to campaign on government reform.  The Republican base in Ohio was truly demoralized as it was given the task of purging tainted GOP officeholders from their offices in the 2006 elections.  I worried that the most challenging task for McCain was to get out the vote when the base was disillusioned with the Republican brand in Ohio.  The rank-and-file Republicans in Ohio needed to believe that some scandal-free crusaders still existed that would battle government corruption on behalf of the people.

This morning, Senator John McCain introduced Governor Palin to an audience of about 11,000 who were gathered on the campus at Wright State University.  The audience was elated.

Palin is the kind of candidate we’ve been waiting for.  McCain’s VP choice signals that he is serious about championing the people in reforming Washington.  McCain has taken the very important first step he needed to take in order to energize the base and get out the vote.

I’ve been grinning from ear-to-ear ever since the announcement was made, despite Democrat attempts to land devastating blows against McCain’s choice.

Barack Obama and surrogates, just chill for a few moments, get your wits together, and think about what you’re going to say before you say it so you can stop embarrassing yourselves.

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