Fed up with the left’s charges of “tokenism”

The left cannot escape the mindset of identity politics, despite Obama’s talk of post-racial, post-gender, post-ideological, and post-generational politics.

When they look at Sarah Palin, the only thought that comes to their mind is that she’s a woman.  To the left, if a woman can’t pass muster with Emily’s List, she can’t be taken seriously.  Thus she’s a token.

I have a challenge for the political left:  Name a governor with higher approval ratings than Sarah Palin.

I’m waiting.



Time’s up.

I submit to you that the reason why Sarah Palin’s approval ratings reach up to 80% is because she is superb at doing her job.  Performance on the job is her qualification.

She’s cleaning up the excesses of her corrupt predecessors.  Do you think that fact would leap to the attention of Senator McCain, who was so stung by “Keating 5” that reform has been his mission ever since?  I think so.

She’s vetoed bill after bill after bill to force the legislature to weed the pork out of the budget.  Do you think that fact would leap to the attention of Senator McCain, who has fought earmarks in Washington?  I think so.

She’s appointed Republicans, Democrats, and independents to positions in her administration and gotten more accomplished in 2 years than her gubernatorial predecessor did in 12 years.  Do you think that fact would leap to the attention of Senator McCain, who has railed against gridlock and reached across party lines to get things done?

Among the things she’s gotten done is a natural gas pipeline project that sat on the drawing board for 30 years is finally getting underway.  She’s shown a commitment to finding more energy solutions in an environmentally responsible manner.  Do you think that fact would leap to the attention of Senator McCain, who has campaigned for America’s energy independence?

Let’s be clear: There is no one more qualified to be on a McCain ticket than Sarah Palin.  McCain sees elements of himself in the impressive resume of Sarah Palin.

Choosing the governor who is doing better at her job than any other in America is not tokenism!

And why wouldn’t the best governor be among those ready to be President at a moment’s notice?

The political left is being entirely dishonest about the charges of tokenism, entirely dishonest about the talk of a new, unifying, brand of politics, and entirely dishonest about changing Washington.

The change ticket I believe in is the one that has ACCOMPLISHED change, not the one that only has talk.

6 Responses to “Fed up with the left’s charges of “tokenism””

  1. redhorse Says:

    Come on, DJW, you know the best governor isn’t necessarily the one with the highest approval ratings. There’s no logical correlation.

    Tokenism is a difficult charge to prove. Yet I’m struck by the McCain campaign’s chronology of this pick: met her in February, talked once recently, and boom, VEEP! Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

    Shouldn’t a man who’s claimed his political ground on the assumption of superior experience and judgment talk to his veep, the leader of the free world at a moment’s notice, more than twice? Or is he to have me believe his judgment is so superb he needs nothing more than a few minutes with a person to know how they’d perform as president? That reminds me of Bush on Putin: I looked into his eyes…yet Bush didn’t see the Georgian invasion coming.

    Palin’s under investigation for allegedly pressuring the state police chief into firing a former brother-in-law. When the chief wouldn’t, he was fired. Palin’s husband made a call on the chief, her chief of staff did too, but just two weeks ago she was telling the Anchorage daily that it was all news to her. Is that believable?

    It’s awfully hard to prove tokenism, but given Palin’s thin interaction with McCain and the investigation (report due Oct 30, btw), it’s also hard to dismiss McCain’s choice as nothing but political opportunism.

  2. buckeyerino Says:

    When Truman became Roosevelt’s VP nominee, the two had never met before. Truman did become President when Roosevelt died.

    You have not addressed how clearly and seamlessly the Palin platform intersects the McCain platform on the issues that McCain prioritizes. Is that just an accident?

  3. redhorse Says:

    What, his new found love for the religious right or the “drill here, drill now” mantra. Perhaps they share something deep on about how to plan for Iraq? Is she also at odds with the Iraqi government and the Bush administration on that too?

    Pure political play – very little policy music to be made here.

  4. buckeyerino Says:

    Ah! So you are beginning to see that their political views dovetail nicely together. Yes, I think there is a commonality of interests between Palin and McCain on drilling and Iraq, and there is support from the religious right. By connecting the dots, it is very evident that this is no mere token pick.

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