Agents of change

McSame?  Sorry, Obama, that tag line isn’t working with me.

Frankly, there’s a lot of things you’ve been trying in the past week or so that doesn’t work with a lot of people.

You haven’t figured out where to take your campaign from this point on.  You are lashing out in several directions hoping something will stick.  The MSM is trying to help as much as they can, but they don’t know which direction to focus their attacks on, because you aren’t providing the leadership to point out the avenue that they should pursue.  The bloggers of the left, seeing that you aren’t directing the message, are stepping forward to try to help you out.  They are imaginative, as the left-blogging rumor mill is generating leads for the MSM to track down.  Unfortunately, the MSM has been arriving at dead ends on stories such as Palin mandating creationism instruction in Alaska’s public schools.  The rumors turn out not to be true.  The only clear message that America is getting from this consortium of your campaign, the MSM, and the left blogosphere, is that the Palin witchhunt is on.

And since we Americans can see that it is a witchhunt, the poll numbers show that a number of us are changing our minds about who the real change agents are.  Not only will the McCain ticket NOT be eight more years of the same, your ticket is now attempting to return us to the politics of personal destruction of past campaigns.  So much for change we can believe in.

Your words may say, “McCain-Palin does not represent change,” but your bewildered reactions say, “Whoa!  Too much change!”