Democrats control everything

Along the rust belt that hugs Lake Erie’s shores, Democrats have long enjoyed a near monopoly on municipal and county governments.  Incredibly, local Democrat politicians in northern Ohio have always found a Republican somewhere, no matter how distant, to pin the blame on for the area’s misfortunes, all the while turning a blind eye to their own corruptions.  The Democrats have just won the White House, have strengthened their majorities in both houses of Congress, control all but one of the statewide executive branch offices, and have even wrested control over the Ohio House of Representatives.

Eventually, as I mentioned when I endorsed Annette Butler for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, somebody has to pound the message into voters’ heads that corruption exists among northern Ohio Democrat politicians, it’s taking its toll on the region’s economy, and that re-electing those Democrats won’t solve the problem.

How long will it take before Democrats run out of Republicans to blame, and start having to shoulder the blame they’ve earned, themselves?