Petition time looming for school board, township trustee, non-partisan municipal races

Fed up with government?  Do you feel you need to step in with common sense solutions?  Well, there’s still time to do that, and get in at the ground level.

This year, there are township races, school board races, and municipal races.

Municipalities that have partisan races already have their ballots set for fall elections.  If you missed that boat, you should have read my post last January about filing for those races.

But some municipalities have non-partisan races.  Please keep in mind that if your municipality has a city charter, it’s likely that you have non-partisan races, but the city charter may list a petition-filing deadline for candidates that differs from deadlines that pertain to other types of candidates.  Please check your city charter.  Unless otherwise specified by city charter, local non-partisan candidate petition filing deadlines are before 4 pm on Thursday, August 20, 2009, at your county’s Board of Elections office.

School board and township races are non-partisan local races.  Again, the deadline for filing petitions to be a candidate for these races is before 4 pm, Thursday, August 20, 2009, at your county’s Board of Elections office.

Perhaps my January post on the subject of launching candidacies might be helpful to you if you are contemplating a run for local office.  Questions?  You can try emailing me, if you like (see my “About” page), but you’re likely to get better answers from the Board of Elections office in your county, and you can always avail yourself of the Ohio Secretary of State webpage, and pose your questions to the SoS office.

At any rate, the deadline for declaring your candidacy for one of these non-partisan local races is right around the corner, so if you’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t taken action, NOW is the time to spring into action.