Kennedy’s in Lorain? Meet Daly’s in Sandusky.

Deja vu all over again.  I’d written about the poker scheme hatched by Kennedy’s Billiards in Lorain.  Voila!  Read the Sandusky RegisterSame story, but this time the gambling scheme is being sought by Daly’s Pub in downtown Sandusky.

Governor Strickland, thanks to you, I think we are sliding headlong down that slippery slope.  I hope you feel guilty.

One Response to “Kennedy’s in Lorain? Meet Daly’s in Sandusky.”

  1. State rep Dennis Murray opposes Issue 3, but introduces his own casino bill « Buckeye RINO Says:

    […] have to give props to the Erie County Commissioners for turning down the Daly’s Pub gambling proposal.  I think Erie County Commissioner Bill Monaghan might have some good advice for Dennis Murray […]

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