As climate change negotiations approach in Copenhagen . . .

The following gruesome photos (below the fold) have gone viral on the internet, and have even made their way into my email inbox.  I tried to check the website cited on the pics, but I don’t read Arabic, so I reached a dead end. I also googled the photos and found them posted at numerous websites that advocate against eating meat.

Are the photos real?  Are they doctored in any way?  Are they photoshopped?  Is it a complete hoax?

They are purported to be photos of a ritual slaughter of Risso dolphins and pilot whales at a harbor in the sparsely populated archipelago of the Faeroe Islands, ruled by Denmark, the nation that will soon be hosting a global summit on saving the planet through creation of a new climate change regime. Purportedly, these marine mammals are used for food, but, allegedly, much more “food” is harvested than is actually consumed.











I am not a vegetarian, and I’m not urging anyone else to become a vegetarian. One has to wonder, though, if the Danes are in a position to appoint themselves as arbiters of what’s good for the planet (I also recommend reading about how they brought “civilization” to the indigenous population of Greenland by relocating families from lands they could subsist upon to urban apartment dwellings where they’ve necessarily become much more dependent on government for their subsistence.), which is the role they assume as host to the global climate change summit in Copenhagen. Which nation on this planet, truly, has the correct blueprint for all other nations to follow? Any of them? And of the elites who will gather in Copenhagen, do they live the spartan lifestyles of Buddhist monks or Catholic nuns? Or will these elites be, like Al Gore, accustomed to opulent lifestyles? How much support should we pledge to international agreements devised by hypocrites?

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