No, I won’t be seeking the 56th District state rep seat in 2010

I was the Republican candidate who ran against Democrat Joe Koziura in 2002 and 2004 for the 56th District state rep seat.  In November 2006 and November 2008, Joe Koziura did not face a Republican opponent, which is regrettable.  I think voters should have choices.

The 56th District state rep seat will be an open seat in the 2010 election season because Mr. Koziura is term-limited.

The Morning Journal reports that one of those seeking the open seat will be Democrat Jose Candelario, who is stepping down from his position at the Lorain County Board of Elections.   I’m hoping that there will be others who will vie for this seat, so that voters will have choices.

I still get asked if I will be seeking the seat.  No, I will not be running for 56th District state rep in 2010.  I turn the question back to those who’ve posed the question to me, “Will you be running for the 56th District state rep seat in 2010?”  Hence, my prior blog post.

The 56th District includes the cities of Lorain, Sheffield Lake, and Oberlin, the 5th and 6th Wards of the city of Elyria, a very tiny, tiny, tiny sliver of the city of Amherst, the village of South Amherst, the whole of Sheffield Township, Amherst Township, and New Russia Township, most of Elyria Township, and a very tiny, eensy-weensy sliver of Carlisle Township.  If you are currently a resident and a legally-registered voter within said district, guess what?  You are qualified to be a candidate for state rep!

If you’re thinking about running and would like to ask me some questions, just send an email to my inbox.  I’ll try to be helpful.

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