Obama to visit Lorain County on January 22

Several media sources are reporting that President Obama will be visiting Lorain County on January 22.  Ostensibly, his message will focus on employment and economic recovery for Main Streets all over America.

Of course, politically speaking, Ohio is a bellweather state, so I understand why the President would, from time to time, schedule appearances here.  I suppose U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is quite pleased with himself that the President has selected Lorain County for the upcoming occasion.  I’m sure local residents, whether they voted for the President or not, will be eager to make the President’s acquaintance.

Since 2002, I’ve been campaigning for improvements to Lorain County’s economy, and my proposals aren’t really on the same page as Senator Brown’s.  I’m curious what the President will say, but, if I were a betting man, which I’m not, I’d venture to say that the President’s message to Lorain County residents will not substantively differ from what Senator Brown’s message has been.  If the President did say anything that marked a departure from what Senator Brown says, that would raise lots of eyebrows in the blogosphere, and perhaps in the MSM, as well.

I’ve been less active in posting on my blog in recent weeks.  Perhaps I should give myself a swift kick-in-the-pants to increase my blog content before the President arrives.  My transportation series, in particular, keeps nagging at me.  I need to complete it.

I’m sure to weigh in on the President’s message in the aftermath of his visit . . . unless, of course, he hires me to be the czar in charge of scheduling sports events in order to save the BCS from itself, in which case, as a czar, I’d have to recuse myself from criticizing the President.

Will the President’s appearance be carefully stage-managed?  Or will there be unscripted and impromptu moments in which local residents can interact authentically with the President?  I’m curious to see how that turns out.

Reader’s opinions are welcome.  What are your thoughts and feelings about the President’s upcoming visit?