Press release: [Ohio] House GOP Proposes Safeguard of Veterans’ Funding Loss

Editor’s note:  The Republican Caucus of the Ohio House of Representatives issued the following press release today.

House GOP Proposes Safeguard of Veterans’ Funding Loss

Those Who Serve Should be a Priority, Not an Afterthought

COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives Republican Caucus today unveiled a legislative measure that will transfer the Ohio Disabled Veterans Outreach Program from the Department of Job and Family Services to the Department of Veterans Services.

“When enacted, this legislation will be a more effective way to deliver the services that disabled veterans need,” said House Republican Leader William G. Batchelder (R-Medina). “Our caucus stands united in any effort to streamline government inadequacies or deficiencies, especially when it may negatively affect something so valued like Ohio’s veterans.”

Currently, the legislation is being drafted by the Legislative Service Commission and was created in response to the recently exposed costly oversight by the administration. The oversight cost the department more than half a million dollars in federal funding, which was lost due to the inaction and not hiring enough career counselors for the department. Furthermore, additional communications with former District Coordinator Terry Janke indicate that without action, the department is in danger of losing another $300,000.

“I am astounded at how little respect this administration has demonstrated for the welfare of Ohio’s disabled veterans,” said co-author of the legislation and U.S. Marine Corps veteran State Representative Danny Bubp (R-West Union). “Disabled veterans who have served our country deserve to be a priority, not an afterthought. I encourage my colleagues from both sides of the aisle and chambers to support this legislation.”

“Frankly, it only makes sense to have a veterans’ program under the watch of an agency created specifically for veterans,” finished House Republican Whip and U.S. Navy Seal veteran John Adams (R-Sidney).

Improve safety, but stay on course with “all of the above”

I know that there is a growing chorus for eliminating oil drilling, particularly offshore, but I’m still on board with the “all of the above” approach to meeting our nation’s energy needs.

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The character of Fremont, Nebraska

The city of Fremont in the state of Nebraska made national news on Monday as local election results showed that voters approved a ballot measure to enact a city ordinance that prohibits the city’s landlords from renting space to illegal immigrants and also prohibits the city’s employers from hiring illegal immigrants.

In this piece, however, I don’t want to put forth my immigration proposals (though I have written one blog post with a few thoughts on immigration).  There’s a lot of spin being propagated in the national dialogue about the character of the town of Fremont.  Let’s take a peek inside Fremont to see what we can see, shall we?

I happen to know a former resident of Fremont very, very, very well.  Me.

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What I’ve been up to during the blog’s hiatus

As one can tell at a glance, some time has elapsed between the prior post and this one.  I hope I can ramp up the political coverage and commentary here in the next few weeks.  The problem, of course, that arises when a blog is on hiatus for long periods of time is that readership dissipates, and I end up writing to myself.  In a way, that’s OK, as this blog is mostly an outlet for my expression, and no one needs to read it for the blog to perform that function.  Nevertheless, I can tell that the vast number of visitors to the site have come purposely to try to add spam to the comments sections of my posts.  The spam filter has performed admirably in preventing ads for link farms, online casinos, and bogus pharmaceutical suppliers from appearing on this site.

But I wouldn’t mind having my readers return.

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