What I’ve been up to during the blog’s hiatus

As one can tell at a glance, some time has elapsed between the prior post and this one.  I hope I can ramp up the political coverage and commentary here in the next few weeks.  The problem, of course, that arises when a blog is on hiatus for long periods of time is that readership dissipates, and I end up writing to myself.  In a way, that’s OK, as this blog is mostly an outlet for my expression, and no one needs to read it for the blog to perform that function.  Nevertheless, I can tell that the vast number of visitors to the site have come purposely to try to add spam to the comments sections of my posts.  The spam filter has performed admirably in preventing ads for link farms, online casinos, and bogus pharmaceutical suppliers from appearing on this site.

But I wouldn’t mind having my readers return.

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