Clinton will say anything

Dodging Bosnian sniper fire, Hillary Clinton managed to nearly split the vote with Obama in the Guam caucuses.  Oh, wait.  Hillary’s not in Bosnia right now.

Besides embellishing her past, she also pays attention to which way the wind is blowing when announcing her views on issues.  Of course, opinion polls vary over time.  Conveniently, Hillary’s opinions vary accordingly.  Opinions aren’t the same from one state to another.  Interestingly, Hillary’s opinion adapts for that, too, like suddenly becoming skeptical of NAFTA once the campaigns arrived in Ohio.  Hillary Clinton will say things people want to hear in a certain locale, knowing full well that she can’t deliver on it, because there’s no nationwide consensus, but when she doesn’t deliver, no matter.  Somebody else stood in the way, so it wasn’t her fault.

A gimmick like that caught my eye in the Associated Press report out of Guam.  You have to look at the very tail end of the article to see what I’m referencing.  The very last sentence reads:

“Hillary Clinton also has called for Guamanians to be able to vote in presidential elections.”

Say what?  Say that again!

How disingenuous.

The Constitution doesn’t allow Guam to select electors in a U.S. Presidential election unless Guam becomes a state.

Guam is not going to become a state.  Trust me on this one.

The only other way to allow Guam representation in the Electoral College is to amend the Constitution.

Fat chance.

Hillary probably doesn’t care one way or the other about whether Guam gets to choose Presidential electors.  She’s just saying it to say it, and she knows that any push she makes for it will go nowhere, but she can always shrug it off when it comes to naught.

Call it pandering. Call it a gimmick.  Whatever it is, it’s fake.

It turns out that caucus results in Guam are a microcosm of the national Democrat nomination race.  Just as the nationwide race is nearly split, Guam’s four pledged delegates are being split down the middle, two for Obama and two for Clinton (actually, 8 pledged delegates will go to the convention, four for Obama and four for Clinton, but they each get half of a vote).   On the national level, just as the superdelegates will play a huge role in deciding a nomination that the pledged delegates, alone, can’t decide, so it is with Guam, which has 5 superdelegates.  Notice that the superdelegates of Guam are able to overturn an election even if one candidate monopolized Guam’s pledged delegate count.  Sounds so very, very, very Democratic to me.  Not.

One Response to “Clinton will say anything”

  1. Ben K Says:

    I dont understand why a territory who doesnt even get to vote in the election in Nov would have a primary for the same election.

    Makes no sense to me.

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