Barrett’s son exploited

Perhaps I need to add a few paragraphs to an earlier post I’d written about how teens need adults to be protectors and not perps.  I really don’t like to drag family into a discussion about public figures, but former Democrat state rep Matthew Barrett’s son was used as a human shield, not for war mind you, but for deflecting criticism that belonged squarely on Barrett’s own, adult, shoulders for displaying at least one photo of a topless woman to a Norwalk High School class.  What shocked me was that Barrett’s wife and Barrett’s son were required to play along with the charade that was originally presented to law enforcement officers.

Nevertheless, I’ve already posted a blog entry that Barrett is no longer in jeopardy of having any punitive action taken against him.

This passage from this Norwalk Reflector article is what really made me wide-eyed in disbelief:

“Barrett’s son spoke to Norwalk police in the presence of his parents and said he was responsible for downloading the photos, but his father refused to let him say what Web site he had used to find the pictures.”

The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram corroborates:

“During questioning, Barrett and his wife, Wendy, sat with their son as he described downloading pornography off his father’s laptop computer and putting it on a memory stick to move to another computer in the family’s home.

“In a separate interview, Barrett’s wife said she had caught her son looking at Internet pornography in the past, but when police asked the boy what kind of Web sites he had visited to get the photos found on the memory card, Barrett refused to let his son answer.

” ‘Don’t. I don’t want him to answer,” Barrett can be heard saying during the interview. “Don’t. Don’t answer, please.’ “

The women depicted in the photos were contacted by investigators who discovered their identities via the laptop computer that police confiscated from Barrett.  The women willingly co-operated with the investigation of Barrett when they learned to their own alarm that a 13-year-old son had been made a scapegoat by his parents.  It wasn’t until after police had made contact with the women and knew their stories that Barrett hired an attorney and owned up to the deception.

Wow.  Yet, frustratingly, in our society, children are often casualties of adults’ exploits.

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