Hold your horses!

PETA must hate people like me.  I’m not a vegetarian, let alone a veggan.  I have leather shoes, a leather softball glove, and a sheepskin leather jacket.  I’m sure the sheep and cows didn’t die of old age when their hides were tanned to be crafted into the accessories I have now.  I think I’ve mocked animals too, with my bad impersonations and bad imitations of animal noises.  I’m sure any animal watching me would be offended by my behavior (especially when I do the chicken dance).

But when PETA calls attention to the cruelties in today’s horse racing industry, I agree.  To tell you the truth, I’m appalled by horse racing.  I do think it is cruel to animals.  It might not be as cruel as cock fighting or bear baiting or bull fighting or whatever it was that Michael Vick was having those dogs do when he got in trouble and couldn’t play football anymore.  Still, I think it’s cruel.

It wouldn’t bother me one bit if horse racing were outlawed (dare I set foot in the state of Kentucky ever again?) for an additional reason.  I strongly disapprove of gambling.  If horse racing is a sport, and the horses are athletes, why don’t the horses have locker rooms with shower stalls and flush toilets?  Why don’t sports reporters ever interview the horses?  Don’t tell me that horses don’t talk, because I remember Mr. Ed reruns on TV.  So it’s not really a sport after all.  It’s just a gambling venue.  Hey, if you want to lose money, you don’t have to bet it on horses.  You can just give it to me.

3 Responses to “Hold your horses!”

  1. Ben K Says:

    we’re in the same boat on this one.

    never quite get why people would enjoy seeing horses get the crap beat out of them. other than for gambling.

  2. Loraine Ritchey Says:

    I watched Barbero and was almost physically sick and then that beautiful animal at the Kentucky Derby this past weekend go down and I couldn’t bear to watch the re run of the race…. and coming from a country that still considers it the Sport of Kings and attending one last year at Goodwood http://www.goodwood.co.uk/horseracing/ when I went back, the picnic on the grass , pate and good wine standing at the rail by the rail with those beautiful animals, the downs ( hills) in the background the smell of the grass, it was a beautiful afternoon but there is also a sickness and a horror and no entertainment is worth what is happening…. .is it the specialized breeding making the legs weak….. , running the horses too early , and it isn’t just horses that die ( at least in England) jockeys are maimed and killed in the name of sport…I don’t know but I don’t think I will be going to Goodwood this next trip over……

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