DNC 1st night

I just thought I’d offer a few observations of the Democrat National Convention rather than ramble at length like I usually do throughout my blog.

  • A night of the “warm fuzzies” with Sen. Claire McCaskill’s kids, Craig Robinson, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, Michelle Obama, and Sen. Ted Kennedy.
  • When the convention is in session, the best network to tune in to is C-Span. Commentators and pundits eat up all the time between the major speeches, so the only way to hear the “minor” speakers is to watch it on C-Span. I was amazed that even PBS and C-Span 2 were overflowing with commentators that drowned out the “minor” speakers. So I intend to continue to watch C-Span when the convention is in session, then flip through the other networks for analysis before and after.
  • As for analysis after the first night, MSNBC was the standard-bearer for group-think. The lone analyst of the Republican persuasion, Pat Buchanan, was hardly tolerated. Rachel Maddow, who gets her own prime-time show in the time slot after Keith Olbermann once these conventions are over, vented her contempt for Pat Buchanan, and Chris Matthews chimed in with his own denunciation of Pat Buchanan. I think nothing would satisfy Rachel more than to see Pat fired from the NBC family. The post-Tim Russert NBC family is straining to remain cohesive across the political spectrum of its regular contributors.
  • For analysis BEFORE the first night, again, I have to wonder about group-think at MSNBC, as Joe Scarborough is morphing into a Scranton Democrat just like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Is he being himself? Or does he feel the necessity of conforming a bit more keenly than Pat Buchanan does?
  • I had to laugh when Caroline Kennedy told Wolf Blitzer on CNN that she would NOT walk him through the VP vetting process, and then laugh again when she lauded CNN for being the best news channel to the delight of all the assembled reporters.
  • Carl Cameron appears to be delighted to be in Denver, for a change of pace, instead of shadowing John McCain, which is his customary Fox News beat. It seems upside-down to see him in a Democrat venue. Meanwhile, it was odd to see Major Garrett away from the convention because his customary Fox News beat is Barack Obama, and Barack was in Davenport, Iowa, and Kansas City, Missouri, today instead of in Denver. It’s too easy to envision Major Garrett at the convention, but that’s not the case, yet.

4 Responses to “DNC 1st night”

  1. thatwoman Says:

    Welcome Back Daniel ! Loraine

  2. Ben K Says:

    The only speech I care to watch the whole week is Hillary’s tonight. Other than that I really wont watch.

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