Provenza resignation vigil

I’ve been checking the local mainstream media (like the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram and the Lorain Morning Journal) daily, specifically to see if Mark Provenza has made the sensible decision to resign as Law Director for the city of Lorain in the wake of his 4th DUI charge.  The latest DUI episode was his most dangerous to date, as his vehicle plowed into a residence and demolished a porch.

As I’d mentioned in a prior post, the Morning Journal has already posted an online editorial calling for Provenza’s resignation.  I’ve waited patiently for a few days for Provenza to come forward of his own volition to resign.  If Provenza hasn’t sobered up enough yet to make the correct decision, then I expect Anthony Giardini, Democrat Party Chair in the city of Lorain, to assist Provenza in making that important decision.

I’m not encouraged that Provenza will do the right thing when I hear that he pleaded not guilty to the most recent DUI charge.  It sounds like he’s still dodging accountability.  I suppose it should be a consolation to hear that his law license could get yanked if he’s convicted of this offense, but that’s not enough to satisfy me.  Mr. Provenza, don’t force the citizens to recall you.  Just step down. Pronto.

I’m also very displeased to hear that Anthony Giardini is not seeking the best interests of the city of Lorain by tendering a request for Provenza to resign.  I’ll wait just a short time longer for the right action to be taken, but if the resignation does not appear to be on the horizon, I’ll have to drop the hammer down.  Mr. Giardini, if the citizens are forced to recall Mr. Provenza, your own influence within Lorain will be seriously eroded.  If, on the other hand, Mr. Provenza steps down quickly, and the matter is efficiently resolved, then you can avoid a showdown with Lorain citizens.

Let’s have that resignation announcement, gentlemen.

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