“Palin Revealed” the lead-in to “Biden Revealed”

Have you ever seen the wrap-up for one show segue into the beginning of another show without a commercial in between?  Sometimes.  How about where minutes tick off the clock into the 2nd show, and still no “top-of-the-hour” commercial break? 

CNN‘s special, “Palin Revealed,” was actually fairly positive and upbeat.  So, what’s the catch?  Chances are, viewers stuck around to watch the whole Palin show, based on what I’ve been reading about how TV ratings are partly what’s driving the MSM’s spotlight on Palin.  If CNN soured us too much on Palin, viewers might have turned the TV off.  If that happened, what would the ratings be for the following show on Biden (called “Biden Revealed”)? If CNN is “in the tank” for the Obama ticket, wouldn’t they want us to watch a glowing documentary about Joe Biden?  I think so.  And, in fact, the Palin documentary led right into the Biden documentary with no commercial break!  I think if they had a commercial break separating the two shows, a number of TV’s would have clicked off, and the ratings for the Biden documentary would have tailed off compared to the Palin documentary.  I absolutely think this was a conscious decision on CNN’s part to keep viewers tuned in for a Biden documentary that they might not have particularly desired to watch.  LOL!

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