Democrat operatives hack Palin’s personal e-mail?!

A lot is not yet known about this, and I just heard the news headline myself, but if it’s true, I don’t want any more to do with the Democrat party and it’s Big Brother vision of America.

Though I am Republican, I have often engaged in split-ticket voting.

If Palin’s personal e-mail has been hacked, that, to me, is akin to Watergate.

10 Responses to “Democrat operatives hack Palin’s personal e-mail?!”

  1. RC Says:

    These weren’t Democrats, they were a bunch of bored 15 year olds (operating under the title “Anonymous”) from

    This same group smashed up John Edwards’s Second Life office, harass Scientologist websites, and play pranks on the internet.

    This is just their latest game to see how much mischief they can make. There’s very little political bent–Palin is just popular and apparently was lax with her personal Yahoo account, so they decided to mess with her.

  2. redhorse Says:

    Leading with your chin here, DJM.

    Akin to Watergate only if the President is in on it, and he’s not a Dem. So down to the next level: akin to Watergate only if the DNC is involved, and that no one knows.

    The AP account says nothing about Dem operatives but does call those responsible hackers.

    Scoring cheap points…

  3. buckeyerino Says:

    RC, if you know who they are, then step forward with it. The FBI and Secret Service are looking for them. This is no laughing matter.

    Redhorse, this is espionage perpetrated by political opponents. Watergate. What makes it worse than Watergate is that during Watergate, no child’s privacy was compromised. These are not cheap points. If this is not a matter of principle to you and other Democrats, then I am aghast. Disgusted. Shocked. Angry.

    If Democrats want to absolve themselves of this outrage, then they’d better echo the outcry against the hacking, not make excuses for it, or be dismissive of it.

  4. redhorse Says:

    Until you have evidence of Dem operatives perpetrating this invasion, then yes, it’s a cheap political point made.

    You ask RC to point to evidence, so I ask you.

    And if Dems are involved, I’ll scream to the heavens as loudly as you. Until then, I still say you’re leading with you chin.

    (And no, if today’s news had been about Biden’s email being invaded, I would not immediately stake blame on the GOP. Frankly, there are too many people who feel this sort of thing is a legitimate use of their time and skill. To me, that’s the disgusting part.)

  5. buckeyerino Says:

    If Biden’s email had been hacked, and no one else’s, I would definitely have called out the GOP to explain themselves.


    Because, who else would seek to benefit from the hacking in such an instance than the GOP?

    I am angered. Out the perps, and if those convicted of the crime turn out not to be Democrats, then I will post an apology on my blog.

  6. redhorse Says:

    Fair enough. I just think, from the little reading I’ve done, that a good number of people enjoy hacking stuff – period. Could be they lean Dem, fine, but so long as they weren’t paid ops, or professional campaign/policy hacks, then I can’t reasonably tie it to the party.

  7. Ben K Says:

    AP says it wont comply with the Secret Service…..

    Maybe it is a good thing John McCain cant use email.

  8. redhorse Says:

    I saw that Ben and wondered why?

    And yes, it’s probably best the old guy can’t use the Gmail.

  9. zak Says:

    hackers frequently hack because they can, not because they have an agenda.

    a few months ago, hackers f*cked up a site used by epileptics — causing migraines and worse in some site users. Hackers hack because they can, some are more vicious than others.

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