Connecticut group think

I happened to see this AP article by way of Yahoo that says Connecticut Democrat Party leaders want to exile U. S. Senator Joe Lieberman.  It made me laugh.

The G.O.P. is making no such moves against those who endorsed Obama for U.S. President at the Democrat National Convention.  The G.O.P. is more tolerant of diverse opinions.

In Ohio, the Democrats made a move to banish Marc Dann, but they did the right thing because of Dann’s ethical lapses.  No one in Connecticut is accusing Lieberman of promoting a frat house culture within his Senate office.  Apparently, Connecticut Democrats expect their politicians to be mere puppets.  If you can dance without strings, then you don’t qualify to be a Democrat in Connecticut.

One of the Democrats, Audrey Blondin, pushing for a censure resolution against Lieberman said:

“If you have someone who says they’re a Democrat, who is registered as a Democrat and is a national figure supporting a candidate who is opposed to all the ideals and beliefs and positions that we hold as Democrats, he’s diluting — in my opinion — the meaning of our party.”

Oh, no!  The Democrat Party in Connecticut could be diluted!  If left unchecked, the reliably blue state could turn red!  (I wish!)  And Lieberman would be the cause!  (Yeah, I suppose the extreme ideological intolerance by the Democrats as shown by their vilification of Lieberman wouldn’t turn anybody off.)

Go ahead, Connecticut Democrats.  Start an inquisition.  Purge your party of all infidels.  I wouldn’t want you to feel as if your party had become diluted.

2 Responses to “Connecticut group think”

  1. LisaRenee Says:

    I have a feeling they’d purge me if they could, which makes me think of that old saying about not wanting membership in any group that would take me.


    It really does prove though that dissension or disagreement, which is supposed to be such a huge part of democracy does not exist in the two party form of government.

  2. Jill Says:

    Daniel, I grew up and lived in CT for many years and if you sift through or search in my blog, I’ve written at least a few times about how unhappy and frankly, angry CT Democrats are with Lieberman – it’s been developing for years. I’m not defending it, I’m just saying that it is completely understandable if you know CT Dems and how Connecticut tends to work/who they like and so on (all within the system they have and the candidates supported and so on). It’s actually a pretty fun, funky state to watch from a political point of view, but yeah- this doesn’t surprise me at all – it sounds very much in line with what I would imagine.

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