Ohio political blogosphere featured on PBS show

Hey, Ohio political blogosphere, are your ears burning?  Somebody’s been talking about you behind your back.  A couple of blogs/bloggers were even singled out by name.  Ohio’s PBS stations broadcast a half-hour-long weekend show (schedules vary, so check your local PBS or Ohio Channel listings) called “The State of Ohio,” hosted by Karen Kasler.  Eric Vessels of Plunderbund and Progress Ohio participated in the taping of a 20-minute segment, along with yours truly, the Buckeye RINO.  The debate between Obama and McCain is shuffling the schedule for some of the PBS stations, so I’ll provide a later post when I can nail down the air times better.  So far, though, WOSU-TV 34 of Columbus and WPBO-TV 42 of Portsmouth are scheduled to lead off at 5:30 pm, tonight, the 26th, with WVIZ-TV 25 of Cleveland airing the show tonight at 7:30.  In the early hours of Saturday morning, WEAO-TV 49 of Akron and WNEO-TV 45 of Alliance are scheduled to air the show at 5:30 AM.

6 Responses to “Ohio political blogosphere featured on PBS show”

  1. word of mouth - WoM Alumni On PBS Says:

    […] Alumnus Daniel Jack Williamson will be featured on PBS tonight. Looks like it will be around 7:30 […]

  2. LisaRenee Says:

    Plunderbund has the video, you did a great job and thanks for the shout out on the Carnival. I just got done watch it.


  3. Jill Says:

    Great job and thank you so much for the Carnival shout-out. Really a pleasure to watch. Congrats.

  4. More PBS broadcasts about Ohio political blogs « Buckeye RINO Says:

    […] Ohio political blogosphere featured on PBS show […]

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    […] September 30, 2008 — buckeyerino Hey, Ohio blogosphere, did you get a chance to see the PBS show that was about you?  Now that the airings of the show on PBS and The Ohio Channel have concluded, you’ll have […]

  6. arhiderrr Says:

    Nice article

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