Vote YES on Issue 5 and NO on Issue 6

I think it’s crazy that casting ballots has already begun in Ohio.  I hope voters are informed about all the candidates and issues on the ballot before they vote.

I would urge voters to limit payday lending and casino gambling by voting yes on Issue 5 and no on Issue 6 (more about Issue 6 here).

Are you upset about the shark-infested waters on Wall Street that endangered the middle class?  Are you upset at the rampant greed of the fat cats that prey upon those of us that are less savvy about money?  If so, there are conniving persons just like the ones on Wall Street that are scheming of ways to plunder Ohio residents by way of payday lending and casino gambling.  Voting yes on Issue 5 and no on Issue 6 will hold these predatory forces at bay (for now . . . unfortunately, the casino interests make incessant attempts to gain entry to Ohio).

Ads for these schemers and connivers may mention what the laws allow in neighboring states.  Let me suggest to you that what happens in other states is no concern of ours, except to point out that these predatory industries are detrimental to the economies of those other states.  States that neighbor ours are not faring well economically, and the presence of these predators only make conditions worse.  Ohio should be proactive, not reactive, and make laws that are in the best interests of Ohioans instead of worrying about what may or may not go on in other states.

Both of these predatory industries are suggesting that if you vote the way I suggest, jobs will be negatively impacted.  Let me just say that there is a reason why these vultures want us to lay down and die.  They want to devour us for lunch.  Let’s not be a carcass for them to feed on.  Vote yes on Issue 5 and no on Issue 6.

7 Responses to “Vote YES on Issue 5 and NO on Issue 6”

  1. Ben K Says:

    It is crazy. What if voting had started last week and someone wanted to change their mind due to what happened on Wall Street. Too bad.

  2. Yes on Issue 5 Says:

    The Wall Street mess is exactly why we should all vote Yes on Issue 5! Responsible lending will keep us out out future messes, and charging 391% interest is not responsible.

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