Not hibernating yet–more Carnival

I’ve been offline for several days while I moved my residence.  I did take some time to enjoy Thanksgiving with family members, but moving my things took a few days out of my schedule.

For those wanting to know, I’ve moved from Erie County to Seneca County.  One of the nice things about Seneca County is that I liked the 2008 general election results better in Seneca Couty than I did in Erie County.

Nothing’s been posted on Buckeye RINO in awhile, but I want you to know that I’m not hibernating.  I wear another hat, too, as one of the editors of Carnival of Ohio Politics, a weekly digest of blog entries about Ohio politics that have been culled from all over Ohio from many political viewpoints, not just liberal and conservative.  If you’ve blogged about Ohio politics this past week, and would like your blog entries (up to 3 posts), you are welcome to submit those entries to the Carnival.  Tuesday night, December 2nd, 11:15 pm is the cutoff for this week’s submissions, but we’ll have another Carnival edition next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, and so on.  Feel free to check out last week’s Thanksgiving edition of the Carnival produced by editor Lisa Renee Ward, who also blogs at Glass City Jungle. Then, after reading, feel free to contribute to this week’s Carnival.  The Carnival’s e-mail address is:

3 Responses to “Not hibernating yet–more Carnival”

  1. Loraine Ritchey Says:

    Oh Daniel you had me worried the English in me saw the word culled and pictures of hoof and mouth diseases and culling came into play….
    “Culling is the ‘selection’ (removing or killing) of surplus animals from an animal population”

    Anyway I know some of us bloggers suffer from “foot IN mouth disease” and I was getting worried that you might be coming after some of us 🙂
    Glad you are back Loraine

  2. buckeyerino Says:

    Yes, there are surplus blog entries out there that bloggers keep to themselves on their own blog, so the Carnival aims to “harvest,” “select,” or “cull” some of those entries for wider consumption. Culling a herd can make for some good dining. Culling tasty stories can make for good digest, too. Carnival happens to be a digest of Ohio political blog entries, so, you got something good for us to feast on this week, Loraine? 🙂

  3. thatwoman Says:

    Not really politics errrrrrr I tend to stay away from…. .not sure I have anything worthwhile to say or an opinion anyone would like to hear … or to be frank I don’t know an awful lot on the subject just what I read on blogs 🙂 tonight after 7 your time ( my blog is on GMT so tomorrow )will have the fight that is happening between a very large group of Drs. and Medical Mutual.haven’t seen it covered in the MSM although the ads they are taking out have to be very expensive 🙂

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