Carnival of Ohio Politics #142 posted

You are in for a real treat if you head over to Carnival of Ohio PoliticsInstallment number 142 has been posted by the same blogger that writes The Boring Made Dull, which is never boring or dull.  If you are confused by all the economic turmoil, and don’t know what the best approach is to finding our way out of the economic wilderness, there is a bumper crop of blog entries from all over Ohio about getting a handle on our economy.  After perusing the economic issues from all sides, your head should have all the info it needs to come to a clear conclusion, and the way forward will open up to your vision like magic.  Either that, or you’ll end up being really, really, really confused.  The video at the beginning of the current Carnival edition really isn’t instructive, but it’s funny.  The blog articles that this week’s Carnival links to are really instructive.  The post I liked the most was from the blog titled Divided We Stand United We Fall.  If you check out that post from Monday, November 17, please make sure you watch the 10 minute video featuring Peter Schiff.  Once you are familiar with the scenario that brought our economy to its present point (and Peter Schiff saw this coming well in advance of its arrival), the path out of the wilderness is a lot more visible.

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