Ed Morrison on Cleveland’s economic collapse

Ed Morrison hasn’t yet revealed the final findings of his biopsy of Cleveland, but top Cuyahoga County officials hardly even acknowledge the town is diseased as they continue their whimsical pursuit of a taxpayer-financed convention center boondoggle.

I agree with Ed Morrison’s timeline of Cleveland events, so I hope my readers will read this article he authored at New Geography.

Ed Morrison (along with George Nemeth) routinely explores potential remedies and recommendations for Northeast Ohio at Brewed Fresh Daily, a blog that I’ve included in my lefty blogroll since the inception of Buckeye RINO, so if you want to explore more of Ed Morrison’s writings, Brewed Fresh Daily can be a starting point.

Frankly, as I’ve noted before, I think Cuyahoga County voters should mix things up a little bit by electing more Republicans to office.  I don’t think it’s healthy for the Democrats to control everything.

I look forward to Ed Morrison’s followup article, which I reserve the right to agree or disagree with, but the first step for current county commissioners is to acknowledge how events have unfolded, acknowledge the pathology, and acknowledge the failure to remedy it.  Ed Morrison outlines all of this in the article.