PD’s Phillip Morris with more of what’s wrong with Cleveland

Because Cleveland’s Democrat politicians want to have a finger in every pie, trying to do business in Cleveland is no cakewalk.  Plain Dealer columnist Phillip Morris shares a case study in jumping through hoops.

All aboard the Carnival train

Carnival #153 has been posted by Lisa Renee, blog author of Glass City Jungle.  Reaction to Governor Strickland’s State of the State address is abundant, but there are many other topics under the umbrella of Ohio politics that also receive coverage.  Please read the Carnival of Ohio Politics this week!

Just a heads-up for next week:  Yours truly, Daniel Jack Williamson, will be compiling next week’s Carnival.  If you have blog entries about Ohio politics that you’d like to have included in next week’s Carnival, please submit them by 11 pm next Tuesday, February 10, 2009 by sending links to your entries to ohiopolcarnival@gmail.com!