Carnival #157

Are RINO’s more conservative than the rest of the Republican party these days, when they used to be more liberal than the rest of the party?  It might be a topic for further conversation at The Boring Made Dull, but don’t hold your breath for that blog entry, even though the blog author of TBMD hinted about it in Issue #157 of the essential weekly digest of Ohio’s political blogs known as Carnival of Ohio Politics.

As for the RINO terminology applied to me, detractors call me a RINO in an effort to paint me as a liberal.  Some call me a RINO just because I’ve leveled criticisms at a few other Republicans.  Others call me a RINO because they feel I have heretical (liberal) views on public education, diversity, mental health parity, labor unions, tort reform, the environment, and so forth.  But, as I say in my right-hand sidebar, liberals don’t think I’m liberal.  They think I’m way too conservative.  I don’t try to be conservative, and I don’t try to be liberal, and I don’t try to be middle-of-the-road.  I just try to be myself.

If you’re an Ohio political blogger who’d like to have your entries included in a future Carnival, there’s a new opportunity to participate nearly every week.  Next up in the Carnival editorial rotation: Lisa Renee of Glass City Jungle.

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