Brushing up on the English language

For those of us to the right-of-center, we may have found ourselves engaged in conversations with those to the left-of-center where we thought we knew the meanings of words, but to our puzzlement, found that we must not be talking the same language.

Luckily, I happened across a blog titled “Conservative Northwest” that purports to be “The Right Side of the Left Coast” that has endeavored to cut through the confusion by offering up a more up-to-date glossary on what words REALLY mean in a post titled “The Lexicon of Liberalism.”  Conservatives should print it out and insert it as a leaflet in the dictionary so that they don’t find themselves perplexed the next time they talk to liberals.

Elected officials guest blogging at WMD

WMD is the abbreviation for Weapons of Mass Discussion, a blog among many fine blogs appearing in the blogroll sidebar under the heading of State of Ohio Blogger Alliance.

The Congressional Representative from Ohio’s 5th District, Bob Latta, shares his views on cap-and-trade policies that are supposedly designed to help the environment, but, if implemented, are sure to have negative ramifications for heavy industry in our nation.  How does it help the global environment to shove industries out of our country to some other country where they will pollute far more than they do here?  Latta hits the nail on the head when he discusses the economic forecast under such a cap-and-trade regime.  I, personally, think the United States does the world a favor by being the home of heavy industry where we have the means, the technology, and the conscience to minimize negative environmental impacts, but the cap-and-trade proposals would impose costs that will absolutely chase industries out of the USA, meaning that those industries will relocate to nations which do not have the means, the technology, nor the conscience to miminize negative environmental impacts in the manner in which we do in our own country.

Another guest column appears at WMD courtesy of Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel, who supports state legislation to use E-Verify as a tool to help employers make sure that the applicants they hire are legally permitted to work here.

It’s so nice to get news and views straight from the “horse’s mouth,” so to speak.  Kudos to WMD for making it happen.