“Why aren’t more women at the forefront of the GOP?”

I’ve put the headline in quotes, because it isn’t my question.  It’s a question more often posed by those who are left of center.  It’s not my question, because I know that Republican women can do whatever they want to do, in the political arena, or otherwise.  I’ve met some very capable, perceptive, resourceful, creative, intelligent, skilled, and motivating Republican women.  The left-of-center questioners are hoping that Republicans answer in this fashion: “Because the men of the GOP hold them back.”  I don’t think that’s the truth.

So why aren’t more women at the forefront of the GOP?

One of the factors might be how such women are treated by the left.  Think especially about how the left treated Sarah Palin last year.  She was courageous enough to follow through, and so was her family, despite being maliciously slimed with rumor, innuendo, fabrications, and outright lies.  Other courageous women are up to the challenge of leading within the GOP, also.  But . . . there are other women . . . who might be rightfully apprehensive about charging into the fray and taking a leadership stance in the GOP.  I welcome them to take that chance, and if I can do something to help defend them against the merciless onslaught, I’m willing to help.

But if you thought the left’s treatment of Sarah Palin was an aberration not to be repeated again, you’re wrong.  Check out this article by Vicki McClure Davidson at Frugal Cafe Blog Zone.  The main target of a lefty troll, who wrote a frighteningly vicious magazine article, is one of my favorite conservative bloggers, Michelle Malkin, who had some reflections of her own.  That lefty troll has a lot of company, too.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but the number of left-of-center blogs listed in my blogroll is a fairly small number, and the main reason why some don’t make it to my blogroll is because some of them are overly coarse, vicious, vulgar, mean-spirited, and potty-mouthed.

If you have enough hours in the week, Carnival 168

This week was my turn in the rotation, so I’ve compiled and posted installment number 168 of the Carnival of Ohio Politics.  Contributing blogs this week were Bizzy Blog, Writes Like She Talks, Roland Hansen Commentary, Just Blowing Smoke, Keeler Political Report, The Ohio Republic, Spinelli on Assignment, The Cincinnati Beacon, and The Boring Made Dull.  You’ve got 168 hours in a week, and at least one of them can be used to search through the great blogging represented at the Carnival.