Strickland, Redfern, Dimora, Kasich, and Coughlin

Politics serves us flip-flops and broken campaign promises on a frequent basis.  In the midst of petty political bickering, we have a fully stocked arsenal of such flip-flops and broken promises to go tit-for-tat with our opponents, no matter which candidate one champions.  Such is the human condition.

But some political reversals are so shattering that using the word “flip-flop” in those instances would be trying to trivialize the seriousness of the offense.  An example of what I’m talking about would be George Bush the elder, who served one term as president on the heels of Reagan.  Bush said, “Read my lips!  No new taxes!”  That was an outright lie.  He didn’t get re-elected.

Ted Strickland’s abandonment of his stance against slots shows that he is a liar.  Whatever he said in opposition to gambling to get co-endorsed (with Ken Blackwell) by the Ohio Roundtable in the 2006 gubernatorial race was an outright lie. Read the rest of this entry »