State Rep. Terry Boose op-ed on the state budget

In the past, I haven’t posted press releases at Buckeye RINO.  However, in the heat of summer with no airconditioning, I haven’t felt like spending much time typing away at my keyboard.  So, for once, I think I’ll go ahead and post a press release at Buckeye RINO, as it’s so much quicker to add blog content by copying and pasting.

Plus, I hope my readers will weigh in on the Ohio budget with their state legislators.  The politicians really need to be hearing from all of you.

Terry Boose (R) represents the 58th Ohio House District, which includes all of Huron County and portions of Seneca County and Lorain County.

Cost-Saving Proposals Ignored in State Budget

“Recently, a new two-year state operating passed the General Assembly and was signed by Governor Strickland. The budget is the most comprehensive piece of legislation to pass the Legislature, and this year’s process of drafting, debating and altering the provisions of the budget bill proved to be especially difficult with the state’s $3.2 billion budget deficit. With unemployment in our district being one of the highest rates in the state, it is crucial that the budget accurately reflect the needs of Ohioans, which in this economy means spending tax dollars sensibly.

“My colleagues and I in the House Republican Caucus proposed many bills and amendments to the budget that would have made government operations more efficient and cost-effective. These proposals would have developed long-term solutions to Ohio’s budget crisis by better managing the use of the taxpayers’ money. For example, I co-sponsored a proposal that would streamline state government operations, saving nearly $1 billion annually. House Bill 25 would consolidate government processes to minimize waste and eliminate duplicitous expenditures while maintaining important state services.

“I also co-sponsored House Bill 240, which would implement cost containment measures to fix inefficient spending within Ohio’s Medicaid system. This proposal has been estimated to save the state $122 million a year. These two initiatives had the potential to save taxpayers nearly $3 billion over the next two years, reducing the need to cut vital services to close the large budget gap. However, House Democrats refused to even allow hearings on these bills and rejected them as amendments to the budget.

“Instead, the governor and his colleagues supported funding cuts for important services such as an $84 million cut for Ohio’s libraries, which have already suffered a decrease in funding due to the recession. Our libraries are an important tool for those seeking employment and this reduction will limit this resource. Additionally, the final version of the budget included Governor Strickland’s proposed cuts to services for our senior citizens, and eliminated state aid to career colleges. Like many of my colleagues, I could not support these proposals when there are so many ways that wasted dollars could be saved.

“Creating a balanced, responsible budget should be a sincere effort to reflect the interests of Ohioans. I believe that when families have to tighten their belts, government should as well. As your representative of the 58th Ohio House District I will continue to advocate for financially responsible policies that spur job growth and get more Ohioans back to work.”

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