Give this Democrat his own TV show

I’ve seen soundbite interviews with Pat Caddell, a self-described liberal Democrat and former pollster for McGovern and Carter, and wanted to hear more of his down-to-earth insightful analysis.

Why?  Because he’s not happy with Washington DC . . . and, quite frankly, neither am I.

So I did a google search hoping to find something longer than a soundbite, and I found one (though it’s more than two weeks old).  This interview with Pat Caddell is over 22 minutes long, and it engrossed me so much, I thought I’d share a link to it with my readers.

Hey, Fox News (or any other network, for that matter), will you please give Mr. Caddell his own TV show?  I guarantee you, this guy is not astroturf, and I’d like more of the featured voices from the left to be genuine and thoughtful, not cloned by Axelrod and knee-jerk.  He has so much information to share, soundbite appearances just don’t cut it.  He needs a lengthier format.

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