Erie County gambling petitions: “I see dead people”

The Sandusky Register has the story of an investigation being conducted by the Erie County Board of Elections into fraudulent signatures that appeared on Issue 3’s petitions.

Issue 3 is the casino proposal that will appear on Ohio’s ballots this November.  I’ve written 5 prior blog entries about this year’s casino issue that can be found here, here, here, here, and here.  I’ve written many more posts on gambling dating back to last year’s issue 6.  The best way to look up gambling posts (or any other topic) on this blog is to use the “Search” window that appears in the left-hand column above the blogroll.  Just type “gambling” or “casino” or any term you want look for into the window, and then hit the button, and you’ll retrieve a selection of Buckeye RINO posts containing your chosen search term.

The sheer volume of fraudulent signatures relative to the number of valid signatures sparked the investigation.  Dead people were among those who signed.  For every 2 valid signatures, there were 3 fraudulent ones.

There may be discrepancies even among the valid signatures, as one man told investigators that he absolutely refused to sign the petitions, but his signature wound up on a petition, anyway, and the petition circulator testified that she wouldn’t be able to ID the signer by sight, even if he were standing right in front of her.

So far, investigators are baffled in their search to determine at exactly which point the fraud was committed.  The individual petition circulators, themselves, were able to shed no light on the fraud.

The circulators were paid by a firm called Professional Petition Management.  CEO and founder of the company, Ian James, was present at the hearing.

In my own opinion, the circulators might not know what’s going on, but I’m certain that Ian James knows exactly what’s going on.  His remarks denying any wrongdoing struck me as snarky, as if to say “I’m too clever for you to figure out how I did it.”

If I were pressed to offer a theory about what happened, I’m sure it would sound farfetched, but it would go something like this:  Professional Petition Management, perhaps through identity theft, somehow has a database of signatures on file that they are somehow able to merge (perhaps with some sort of photoshopping technology) with the signatures actually gathered by circulators, resulting in an inflated total of signatures aggregated on petition forms that appear to be as genuine as the forms handled by the circulators.

It sounds like a stretch, but clearly something out-of-the-ordinary is going on with these petitions.

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