Fair to whom?

When is the Sandusky City Commission finally going to get rid of that hypocritical and sexist city manager, Matt Kline?  The Sandusky City Commission has been trying to cut costs while hoping to maintain services by reducing administrative pay by 5%.  The Sandusky Register now reports that a stubborn Matt Kline wants to reduce services and administrative work hours and not cut administrative pay at all.  He says the administrative pay cuts are not fair to the 26 administrators that work with him.

Fairness?  Fair to whom?

What about fairness to taxpayers?

If the pay cuts for the administrators make the salaries less competitive, by all means, let them move on to other careers (good luck, in this economy, and good riddance).  27 administrators sounds like too many for a city of just 30,000 residents.  Dividing the population by the number of administrators means that the taxes of about 1000 men, women, and children (question: how much of the 1000 would actually be in the work force?)  have to support the salary of an administrator, not to mention the salaries of all the non-administrative staff that also have to be paid with tax dollars.  That seems like a heavy burden on taxpayers, to me.

And if the firing of Kim Nuesse as police chief on the basis of trumped up charges and “good old boy” double standards can yield any clues as to what Matt Kline’s sense of fairness is, then we know for certain that Matt Kline’s sense of fairness is totally warped . . . warped beyond recognition.

Early voting has already begun.  Election Day is November 3rd.  Firelands 411 blog has video snippets of the candidates up for election to the Sandusky City Commission.  I urge voters to choose wisely and elect commission members who will oust Matt Kline.

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  1. buckeyerino Says:

    Uh-oh! I’ve been called on the carpet, via e-mail, about intolerably bad grammar, so the question “Fair to who?” has been edited to read, “Fair to whom?


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