State rep Dennis Murray opposes Issue 3, but introduces his own casino bill

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Dennis Murray (D-80) has introduced a casino bill in the Ohio House of Representatives to legalize up to 15 casinos in Ohio.

This is yet another example of ethically-challenged politicians helping themselves to more campaign funds while allowing casinos to cannibalize whatever’s left of Ohio’s ruined economy. Haven’t we, Ohio voters, figured out yet that Ohio’s politicians don’t care one eensy-weensy bit about our pocketbooks? Neither Republican majorities nor Democrat majorities in our state capitol have made any economic sense for our state in recent months and years.

There were several reasons why I endorsed Murray’s opponent for state rep last year, not least of which was the fact that it’s no secret that the Murray and Murray law firm attempted to help Sandusky’s Sortino family to own and operate a casino in Erie County.  Do you think we can guess who Murray might look to for campaign donations?

As a Sandusky City Commissioner prior to his election to the state rep job, Dennis Murray was also among the good old boys who put the smackdown on Kim Nuesse, Sandusky’s police chief.

I agree with Murray that Issue 3 deserves a NO vote, but, apparently, we don’t see eye-to-eye on much else.

I have to give props to the Erie County Commissioners for turning down the Daly’s Pub gambling proposal.  I think Erie County Commissioner Bill Monaghan might have some good advice for Dennis Murray when it comes to gambling.  In the meantime, as long as Murray makes no effort to mend his ways, I will continue to support his opponents.  So far, Sandusky school board member Jeff Krabill has announced his candidacy for the 80th Ohio House district in 2010.  All of Erie County and most of Ottawa County lies within the 80th district.