In search of Ellie Light

Plain Dealer journalist Sabrina Eaton is on the trail of Ellie Light.  I highly recommend this story and this story.  You have to give credit to Sabrina Eaton for checking her sources.

6 Responses to “In search of Ellie Light”

  1. Madrigal Maniac Says:

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. I disagree with Steward’s methods (if that’s his name). But I agree with some of his points. Regardless, it was newsworthy item and Sabrina Eaton did a nice job of nailing it down.

    It sounds like some newspapers should do a better job of making sure the writer’s are who they say they are. The Dispatch requires not only your name and phone number, but your address as well.

    • buckeyerino Says:

      Thanks for commenting.

      I don’t think it’s helpful to the writer’s cause to be unveiled as an astroturfer.

      I, personally, don’t make anonymous posts, and, while my comments sometimes appear under the monikers “williamsonworks” and “buckeyerino,” they aren’t a ruse to mask my identity behind a pseudonym. I make no secret of my identity when I write. I am Daniel Jack Williamson, I stand ready to verify whether or not I wrote something, and, whatever I did write, I take ownership of. I find that I obtain more respect for my viewpoint through transparency than through trying to be sneaky.

  2. Madrigal Maniac Says:

    I don’t make anonymous posts either. All you have to do is click on the “about” button on my site and all will be revealed.

    While I may agree with some of the points made by Steward, I deplore his methods. Just as I do the methods of James O’Keefe. On my site one of the rules in my “Blogosophy” is that we should know where you’re coming from.

    I agree that transparency is the key.

  3. Ladalang Says:

    It’s propaganda spam and should be treated as such. It’s one lonely person who sees the world through rose colored glasses and does better to only look at a small piece of the picture and focus on it. Liked this story as well:

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