Crunch time for candidate petitions

I just want to remind potential candidates that time is running out to get signatures gathered before the petition deadline.

February 18th is the cutoff.  That’s a little over a week away.

I’m certainly hoping that we won’t have uncontested races this year.  Voters need choices on the ballot in order to effectively check and balance government.

I’ve mentioned the mechanics of gathering signatures in past blog articles here and here.  For more campaign tips, let me plug the Killer Campaigning website one more time.

For an official resource, please make use of the Ohio Secretary of State webpage.

6 Responses to “Crunch time for candidate petitions”

  1. Brandon Rutherford Says:

    Soooooo..Tomorrow we find out who’s running and who’s not running. With the recent news of Ganley running against Sutton for the 13th House seat what are your guys thoughts for Senate? I am pretty surprised by this as I thought the only chance for the Republicans to win the Senate seat was Ganley. I wonder what Republican big shot down in C-Bus pulled that plug on that plan?

    • buckeyerino Says:

      As it turns out, Betty Sutton has opposition within her own party for the Democrat nomination. Justin Wooden, of North Canton will be her primary challenger. The Republican field for the 13th Congressional seat is also crowded, with James Brihan of Avon Lake, Todd Sharkey of Akron, Jason Meade of Barberton, Jim Hrubik of Norton, and two Brunswick residents, Frank Chestney and Bill Haney facing off against Tom Ganley for the nomination.

  2. Brandon Rutherford Says:

    I spoke with Justin VIA email and I wasn’t impressed at all. He should be running as a R. It would better suit his stances on issues.

    • buckeyerino Says:

      I intend to endorse him for the primary. Sutton is clueless on economic issues. She’s doing us no favors with her Congressional votes. She definitely needs to be replaced.

  3. Brandon Rutherford Says:

    We shall see May 4th as to what the public thinks.

  4. Ryan B. Says:

    Well I am helping campaign for Todd Sharkey in this district, he is a great candidate, and amazing person. I am his webmaster, and a 18 year old. As was previously noted, he is running against Tom Ganley in the primary. Tom Ganley, is just a rich big business owner who is simply going to buy the republican primary, unless someone else can get his name out there. We have talked to a bunch of people, and they all say “Ganley! The car dealer??? There is no way I would vote for a car dealer!” Unless people know about the other options, they will just go down the list and check Ganley, because they have heard his name before.

    If you are interested in talking to Todd, i am sure I would be able to arrange something.

    If you are intrested in helping out, or donating you can go to his website

    Or you could follow him on facebook,

    Todd Sharkey for Congress 2010!

    -Ryan B.

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