Press release: Communication WITHIN the Budget Planning Commission might resolve who to invite

Amstutz to Administration: We’re Ready To Hear Your Budget Story

Columbus—State Representative Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster) today issued a letter to his colleagues on the Budget Planning Commission in hopes of helping to resolve recent contention as to who may contribute to the commission’s hearings.

“If the administration and our two members don’t want to have more executive participation, there are others who have substantial expertise in Medicaid and other major topics. I am hopeful that we will look to them for their insight,” wrote Amstutz.

The letter comes after some concerns of his colleagues were voiced to the media, instead of amongst the group, as to whether executive agencies including and beyond the Office of Budget and Management should participate in the process or whether this would lead to a political game.

The commission’s purpose is to identify challenges and potential solutions for addressing expected problems in the next state budget.

Rep. Amstutz has worked diligently and voiced his concern time and again on the looming $8 billion budget deficit that will become a reality in less than a year.

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