Press release: Ohio House Dems duplicating bills

Editor’s note:  Afraid to acknowledge good ideas put forward by Ohio House Republicans, Ohio House Democrats not only take no action on Republican-sponsored bills, but, months down the road, VOILA! those same good ideas are unveiled in Democrat-sponsored bills.  This inane posturing by the Dems just to take credit for legislation popular with the public isn’t an inconsequential game.  As state reps Maag and Boose point out, the delays between introduction of a Republican-sponsored bill and the introduction of the Democrats’ duplicate legislation inconvenience the public, especially when, in the case of relief from state-imposed fees, the inconvenient delay amounts to $$.  State Rep. Terry Boose represents the 58th Ohio House district, covering the eastern third of Seneca County, all of Huron County, and many of the rural areas in Lorain County in the southern half and along the western county boundary.  State Rep. Ron Maag represents the 35th Ohio House district, which includes much of eastern and southern Warren County along with a suburban sliver of the northeast corner of  Hamilton County.  This press release was issued on 7/30/2010.

Dems Bequeath Ohio with Duplicative Legislation

Majority Attempts to Conceal Mistakes

 COLUMBUS –The Ohio House of Representatives has received several pieces of legislation from the majority caucus that are strikingly similar to other bills introduced earlier this General Assembly from the other side of the aisle. 

 Earlier this week, House Bill 562 was introduced that would eliminate the $20 late fee endorsed and signed into law by House Democrats and Governor Strickland with the passage of the biennial budget. State Representative Deborah Newcomb (D-Conneaut) and 15 of her Democratic colleagues cosponsored this measure that reverses a measure they previously endorsed by supporting House Bill 2.  However, State Reps. Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) and Terry Boose (R- Norwalk), introduced House Bill 428 in January 2010, nearly seven months earlier and encouraged all members of the Ohio House of Representatives to join them on this necessary repeal.

 “Every dime, every dollar counts in today’s economy. I am elated to see that my colleagues have introduced this legislation and look forward to swift action,” said Rep. Terry Boose. “Nonetheless, the majority Democratic Caucus cannot play both sides of the field. While Ohioans are suffering and partisan politics have been placed aside in the struggling business owners’ mind, the majority party does one thing, and then attempts to cover their malicious, expensive intent with political gimmicks.”

 The combined list of cosponsors to eliminate the late fee represents more than enough support to repeal it.  Earlier this year the Daily Record reported that more than $16 million has been collected from 818,429 individuals. However, the burden of duplicative legislation has been forced on the hard-working families of Ohio more than once.

 State Rep. Ron Maag questioned the duration of time that had elapsed, asking, “Why won’t the Speaker call us into session and pass legislation today?  Why did the House Democrats wait nearly eight months to do this? I look forward to swift attention being paid to this necessary repeal, just like the swift action with House Bill 473.”

 Rep. Maag introduced House Bill 132, legislation to address “sexting,” in April 2009. More than a year later, House Bill 473, a legislative measure to prohibit sexting, was introduced in March 2010 and the House voted on the bill two short months later.

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