Press release: State rep Terry Boose introduces bill to cut salaries of state elected officials

Editor’s note:  Republican state rep Terry Boose represents the Ohio House 58th district, comprised of Huron County and large swaths of eastern Seneca County and southern Lorain County.  This press release was issued on 1/20/2011.


COLUMBUS—State Representative Terry Boose (R-Norwalk) recently introduced legislation that, when enacted, will reduce the salaries of members of the Ohio General Assemblies and statewide elected executive officeholders by 5 percent.

“During these tough economic times, elected officials must lead by example,” said Boose. “Many of our constituents have lost their jobs or had their salaries reduced. Further, the state and many local governments are having difficulties balancing budgets. We should do our part by taking a 5 percent pay cut until the state’s economy turns around.”

In accordance with the Ohio Constitution, the salary decrease would take effect upon the election or re-election of the affected officeholders. House Bill 41 includes a “sunset” provision that would rescind the provisions when Ohio’s real Gross Domestic Product increases in at least two of three years by 2.5 percent or more. It will not impact county elected officials.

“By linking the salary of elected officials to our state’s prosperity, Ohio’s leaders’ economic success will be tied to the success of the state they have been elected to serve,” Boose said. “This is a level of accountability that is especially necessary during these difficult times.”

In the previous General Assembly, Boose jointly introduced this legislation as House Bill 210 with Rep. Seth Morgan in June 2009, but the measure stalled in committee. House Bill 41 will now be sent to the Rules and Reference Committee which will refer it to a standing committee of the House, where it will undergo further consideration.

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