BizzyBlog nails Husted for compromising the integrity of Ohio’s elections

BizzyBlog, easily one of the most respected right-of-center Ohio political blogs, posted an entry yesterday that’s not only worth reading the whole thing, it’s worth reading the source material, too, notwithstanding the fact that BizzyBlog’s Tom Blumer provided full quotes (it’s always okay to verify a source, even if it’s not OK, in Ohio, to verify a voter’s identity at election time).

Ohio SoS Jon Husted, a Republican that I didn’t endorse during the 2010 election cycle, is preventing the Ohio General Assembly’s attempts to restore the integrity of Ohio’s elections, i.e., in this instance, putting the kibosh on voter ID.  As I’ve pointed out, this is the same Husted who, as Speaker of the Ohio House, shepherded the passage of legislation that created loopholes big enough for 18-wheelers to pull through.  Former Ohio SoS Jennifer Brunner was only to happy to drive through each and every one of those loopholes in 2008 to secure a partisan advantage for the Democrats.

Too few see through Husted’s pretense to see him for who he truly is.  If not so, he wouldn’t have prevailed in the 2008 GOP primary.  Kudos to Tom Blumer for compiling the sources and synthesizing them into a more accurate portrayal of Husted.

2 Responses to “BizzyBlog nails Husted for compromising the integrity of Ohio’s elections”

  1. james Says:

    This is a perfect example of why we need new candidates in all levels of government. We need honest freedom defending leaders. Not more of this. Get involved and do it early.

  2. Tom Blumer Says:

    Thanks for noting. People in Ohio need to know what a weasel this guy is, esp since, as the WSJ noted, he actually has designs on the Governor’s Mansion.

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