Buckeye RINO’s 2010 primary election endorsement recap

No matter which ballot you request at the polls, an issues-only ballot, or a political party ballot (and, in addition to independent candidates that will have no party affiliation listed by their names, there are any one of six political parties that will be listed alongside candidate names on your November ballot this year), please vote “NO” on Issue 1.

For Republican voters living in the 13th Ohio Senate District, covering Lorain County, Huron County, and the eastern one-third of Seneca County, I’ve endorsed Bob Rousseau and Marilyn Jacobcik for Republican state central committee seats.

For all Ohio Republican voters, I’ve endorsed Sandy O’Brien for Ohio Secretary of State and Seth Morgan for Ohio Auditor.

For Lorain County voters requesting Democrat ballots, I’ve endorsed Ronnie Rimbert for the nomination for the Lorain County Commissioner seat being vacated by Betty Blair.

For Lorain County voters residing in the 56th Ohio House District that are requesting Democrat ballots, I’ve endorsed Richard Williams for the nomination for that state rep office.

3 Responses to “Buckeye RINO’s 2010 primary election endorsement recap”

  1. Jack Union Says:

    Mr. Justin Higgins,

    Its more than just ONE ISSUE that we disagree with Steve Stivers. Would you vote in a Democrat Lite like Stivers or a constitutional conservative like John Adams.

    Steve Stivers clearly stated at the Q&A session in Dublin Ohio in February 2010 that he favors an unconstitutional health care reform bill just not the one currently presented. How does that hold tea party values?

    Here is a link that shows Stivers is pro-bailout How does being pro bailout hold tea party values? http://www.buckeyestateblog.com/oh_15_stivers_conflicted_on_bailout_resorts_to_name_calling

    Here is a link that shows Stivers supports repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: http://www.blogcabin.net/?p=209

    Stivers supports gay marriage: http://www.gaypeopleschronicle.com/stories08/november/1107082.htm

    Stivers supports ABORTION!

    Mr. Higgins gay rights and abortion may not be tea party values, They are conservative values which supposedly the Republican Party upholds. I am sorry Mr. Higgins your endorsement of Steve Stivers makes you out to be a RINO NOT the father of the tea party movement in Central Ohio.

    Jack Union

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