Reminders of our heritage

Loraine Ritchey, one of the first bloggers to join ranks with Scott Bakalar at the Lorain-centric Word of Mouth blog, enjoys digging up bits of history on a blog of her own. She has taken an active interest in the Black River Historical Society for many years now. This article is the first installment of a message Loraine wants to share about what we are losing out on in the port city called Lorain. This article is the second installment.  I’ve been working on an article concept tangential to what Loraine’s working on that I should have ready to post in a few days or so.

One Response to “Reminders of our heritage”

  1. thatwoman Says:

    Thanks DJW for the link – I am very disheartened by what I see happeing to this areas historical inventory and I believe it is a symptom of a bigger problem in this city , county and state Loraine

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